Hyundai Elantra (2013)

Almost unbelievably (though Hyundai has confirmed, after initial doubts, that it really happened), Farrah Haines, a car parts delivery driver from Olathe, Kansas, racked up a million miles in her Elantra in only five years – that’s 200,000 miles per year, or 548 miles per day for every day of the year.

She hoped to reach 1.5 million in the same car, but was stopped in her tracks when asked to deliver a package to a local auto shop. She was told the package was actually hers, and found that it contained the keys for her new 2019 model year Elantra, given to her by Hyundai in recognition of her extraordinary achievement.

How did she do it? Quite simple, Haines reported in 2018: “The key is to prioritize regular maintenance and to have a quality vehicle.”