Sharp into corners

Large Brembo brakes provide powerfully precise and accurate stopping power into this challenging turn, while the independent front suspension with MacPherson struts and the multi-link rear suspension offer crisp levels of grip for a more confident turn-in.

Through the bend, adaptive Dynamic Chassis Control delivers enhanced stability and response as the CUPRA Ateca’s weight shifts from front to rear, with 4Drive enhancing the grip under acceleration out towards Church Corner.

A brief lift through Church, and we’re onto the School Straight with just a few seconds to admire the view and appreciate the sporty rumble echoing from the CUPRA’s quad exhaust before another big brake into the Rocket Hairpins.

Responsive handling

The double-switchback of Rocket provides another challenging test for the CUPRA Ateca’s brakes, suspension and handling – a hard stop into a tight left, followed by an immediate switch to a fast right.

But, with the drive mode switched to the performance-focused CUPRA mode – Comfort, Sport, Snow, Off-Road and a customisable Individual mode are also available – we’ve got the confidence of a sharper throttle response and more responsive handling. And that raucous exhaust note to keep a smile on our face.

Through the twists of Peel and Corkscrew, and we’re onto the Tom Pryce Straight. There’s finally time to enjoy the cossetting surroundings of the CUPRA Ateca’s stylish interior. 

Stylish and comfortable

There’s that large panoramic sunroof that brings extra light into the cabin – even on an overcast day like today – and the copper-stitched Alcantara sports seats that offer firm support in the bends and cossetting comfort on the straights. Gloss black and carbon fibre effect surfacing completes the premium feel. 

In front of you, a large crisp customisable high-res digital dashboard and the advanced 9.3-inch central touchscreen for the media system work together to let you blend 3D navigation with music and apps from compatible Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphones. 

Alternatively, you can pick more performance-focused dials, such as a prominent rev counter or a G-force meter – perfect for measuring the braking and cornering forces through the sharp hairpin that takes you back down the run to Bus Stop.

Just a few more seconds to appreciate that stunningly precise and powerful braking, the confident grip through the final turn, and the burst of acceleration onto the final turn – all accompanied by the burble of the quad exhaust – before our lap is done, and the story of the CUPRA Ateca is told.

To learn more about the CUPRA Ateca, head to cupraofficial.co.uk