The all-independent wishbone suspension has been extensively redesigned to reduce pitch under brakes and squat under acceleration. It also incorporates Ohlins two-way adjustable dampers, lightweight AP brake calipers and specially homologated Pirelli Trofeo R tyres, now standard on all Monos. The result, says BAC, is sharper turn-in, better rotation at the apex of a corner, and better traction at the exit.

The Briggs brothers say the latest Mono incorporates a high degree of innovation: there around 40 3D printed components (mirror supports, headlight surrounds and wiring brackets among them). They are especially proud of a newly developed aluminium-carbon fibre wheel design developed with software partners Autodesk that will be offered as an option. It shaves around 35% off the weight of the existing Mono’s already-ultralight standard aluminium wheels.

Though BAC is already taking orders for the new Mono it won’t start delivering them until well into 2021 — beginning in the UK, European and South-East Asian markets — because the factory will be fully occupied this year building and delivering its already-sold batch of Mono R specials shown at Goodwood last summer.

Q&A Neill Briggs, BAC director of product development

Why have you opted for a turbo engine in the new Mono?

We believe that’s the best route we can take to ensuring we meet the various clean-air regulations in our export markets around the world. We’re working with Mountune, who have been our engine partners.

Does the new car still use a steel spaceframe, like the first one?

It does, but we’ll be using our seventh iteration of the original. Our experience shows what a flexible design it has been, and how right we were to adopt it. The latest version had been on a diet, like most things in the car.

You’re using lots of 3D printed components; why is that?

It’s a technique that works especially well for small production runs, where tooling wouldn’t be affordable. We have around 40 printed components all over the car — finishers, brackets, mirror supports. The quality’s great, and we can easily change their designs if we need to.

What’s so special about your new optional hybrid wheel design?

It’s extremely light, and it looks great. For the Mono R we produced a wheel with an aluminium centre and carbon fibre rim that saved over 2kg compared with our original design. This new one saves another 1.22kg. We’re really proud of it.