The electric Mazda MX-30 spearheads a new electrification strategy for the Japanese car maker. This will include plug-in hybrids and hybrid variants of existing models plus more EVs, the latter developed as a result of its EV tie-up with Toyota and Denso.

Mazda has not yet confirmed when we’ll see the next electrified model in its line-up, but we expect a plug-in hybrid to arrive in the next 18 months. This is likely to be based on a high-volume model such as the Mazda 3 in order to help achieve new European emissions targets coming in 2021. 

While the Mazda MX-30 is a standalone electric vehicle, there are no definitive plans to create a separate range of EVs. Talking at Tokyo motor show, Ikuo Maeda, design and brand boss, said: “Some manufacturers are creating a separate brand for EVs, but we are not doing that. We want to establish EVs in our existing Mazda portfolio.” 

Mazda also wants its EVs to have the same styling as existing models. Talking about the MX-30, Maeda said: “We wanted to maintain a high quality of design. Instead of just pursuing something new simply because its EV, we want to make sure it fitted with our Kodo design language.” 

However, he added that the model is intended to trial a slightly different take on Mazda design. “If we don’t trial different things, design would not evolve, but the fact we did this with the MX-30 is unrelated to it being an EV.”

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