A pure-electric black cab has been launched, rivalling the plug-in hybrid LEVC TX and offering up to 187 miles of range.

The Dynamo Taxi, produced by new cab maker Dynamo, is the first fully electric taxi since the 1897 Bersey Taxi.

The vehicle is based on the Nissan e-NV200 Evalia MPV, which Dynamo buys from the maker and modifies. Dynamo has added wheelchair accessibility and rekitted the model’s interior to meet strict London taxi regulations. 

Other changes include incorporating contactless payment into the Evalia’s infotainment system. There’s also an enlarged glass roof and heated seats, while Dynamo claims the seating has been overhauled to better cater for passengers.

The cab has the same drivetrain as the standard e-NV200, producing a range of up to 187 miles. Recharging it from empty to 80% takes between 40 minutes and an hour on a 46kW rapid charge.

The reworked Nissan also benefits from a significantly tighter turning circle to help drivers navigate London’s streets.

Dynamo aims to produce at least 500 taxis next year, with a minimum of 1500 targeted for 2021. Although the taxi was launched in London, Dynamo hopes it will be adopted across the UK.

Dynamo CEO Brendan O’Toole said: “The UK’s new car market is experiencing an electric revolution, with record numbers of fully electric vehicle registrations taking place each year. Electric vehicle technology is now a viable alternative to petrol and diesel vehicles, and it’s imperative the UK’s taxi market changes with the times.

“The Dynamo Taxi is the UK’s first Transport for London-approved fully electric taxi and is designed with both drivers and passengers in mind. With a low starting price, and a reliable vehicle architecture in the Nissan e-NV200, we are offering a truly unique solution to the tens of thousands of taxi drivers in London and cities across the UK.”