Clash of the classifieds

Brief: Find me an interesting car from an obsolete brand for £5000.

Reliant Kitten DL, £3000

Daimler XJ V8 4.0, £5000

Max Adams: The 1970s was a good time for Reliant. Some may not believe it, but it was actually the second-biggest British-owned car maker at the time. It had bought out its closest rival and was making all sorts of interesting models to appeal to new customers, including three-wheelers, vans, sports coupés and even this little Kitten, from 1976.

Mark Pearson: I think you’ll find the 1970s was also a good time for Woolworths, and look at how things turned out for them. Well, I’m sorry but your pathetic plastic contraption is no match for my Jag…er, Daimler. It’s a thing of beauty, for one, with a thumping V8. It’s got power and performance and it’s wonderfully luxurious. And you can add to that unmatched ride and refinement. Only 86,000 miles on this 1998 one and years younger than your jumped-up Robin.

MA: Now look here, Pearson. Need I remind you that my Kitten does, in fact, have four wheels – one in each corner! Your Jaguar with extra chrome is a far cry from Daimlers like the SP 250, so I think you’ll find that mine’s more interesting.

MP: I know which one of these two I’d rather take on a long journey. Or a short one, come to that. Your Kitten is nothing but a sour puss.

MA: Très drôle.

Verdict: The Daimler’s chrome wing spats could be hiding rust, so I’ll take the glassfibre Kitten.