The global trend towards SUVs seems unstoppable.

We estimate that fully one-third of all car sales globally in 2019 will be in the SUV class, and the market in the UK for them is generally very healthy, despite Brexit worries in the economy. And the luxury class is very much part of this. Indeed, one of the best-selling luxury cars in the UK is the Range Rover.

But now a whole new segment of car is emerging – a class that combines luxurious accommodation with blistering performance, and a sticker price to go with them. And a new member has just joined the club: the Aston Martin DBX (pictured), unveiled in China on Wednesday. This new group of vehicles takes in the upper ends of the ranges from major European premium manufacturers, and now all-new products from blue-blooded new arrivals into the market from companies like Lamborghini and Rolls-Royce (pictured).

So, ranked in ascending price order (we list the on-the-road prices), let’s a look at the Super-SUVs you can buy now, and also the ones that are coming to the UK shortly: