So, by creating this system they remove the need to have fixed charging points installed.How do they propose to charge these mobile batteries?   I bet they’ll use fixed charging points!

So it’s about convience to the end user and getting them to pay more.And it will cost more, because they’ll have to install charging points anyway (for the robots and batteries), and the user will have to pay additional robots full of sensors that drags around a battery that isn’t big enough to fully charge a car and is far also far less effiecient than a fixed charging point.And no doubt the robot itself will need charging too. 

I don’t think environmental impact has been considered in this presentation.This will require a lot more materials for batteries and circuitry than if we just stuck with fixed charging points.Charging a car via a fixed charging point will be alot more effiecient too as there wont be any losses by charging the robots and their dinky batteries.


Yeah, sure, it’s a nice idea and convient for the end user, but I think it’s a waste of materials and electrical energy.