To properly gauge the Rapture’s driver appeal is a job for later; for a day of warmer, drier track conditions, when driving up to its limits would be a starkly different, musculature-challenging experience, I’ll venture. How much the car appeals on the road seems of little relevance. This isn’t an Ariel Atom or a Caterham Seven, and you wouldn’t use it like one. The fact that it would be safe, fairly comfortable and drivable enough to and from a circuit is all that matters on that score.

My bet, remembering its predecessor fondly, would be that the Rapture will reward big track-day commitment in vivid style. The SR3 SL was a car you could drive around the outside of Porsches and McLarens at corners like Copse and Stowe – in the dry – in a way to make richer men wonder how much they’d pay to be that little bit braver and more unhinged.

And, simply put, the Rapture feels like the car that Radical devotees will hope it might be: an even faster, more drivable, more unhinged SL – and I expect it’ll deliver those inimitable kicks even more successfully than its predecessor.

Owning one might be a bit like owning a ‘dangerous’ dog, it strikes me. Some will think you’re irresponsible and will no doubt tell you as much. Others that you’re totally, scarily bonkers, and will cross the street to avoid meeting your gaze. It wouldn’t take an out-of-body experience to understand why they might. But those few who recognise it, and understand what it takes to look after it and exercise it well, will nod and approve greatly at the sight of your snarling, angry menace. And, frankly, stuff the rest of them.

Dogs are just dogs, aren’t they? And cars are just cars. There are plenty of both that you’re better off not taking on the school run. Overwhelmingly, though, it’s the idiotic owners we all need to worry about.

Radical Rapture specification

Where Silverstone, UK Price £110,000 On sale Now Engine 4 cyls in line, 2261cc, turbocharged, petrol Power 360bhp at 6000rpm Torque 320lb ft at 3600rpm Gearbox 6-spd paddle-shift sequential Dry weight 765kg Top speed 165mph 0-62mph 3.1sec Economy WLTP figures tbc CO2 WLTP figures tbc Rivals Dallara Stradale, Lotus 3-Eleven